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Things to do in Knysna South Africa

knysna hotels is a popular tourist destination of South Africa that is situated on the northern shore of a huge warm-water estuary fed by the Knysna river. There are two big headlands, popularly referred to as as heads, between which the estuary moves out to join the ocean. The waters in the headland area is turbulent and dangerous. Many lives and vessels have been lost by reason of this and hence this area is not frequented by visitors. "The Map Stones", a sort of geological formations may be seen close to this area. On the northern side of Knysna, you can see lush temperate rain forests for a stretch of about 20 km which then transitions into fynbos or macchia in the Outeniqua Mountains. Tourists flock this holiday destination every year because this place boasts a perfect warm climate year-round. It is particularly popular amongst British espatriates and senior citizens who wish to have a peaceful relaxing holiday vacation

Just lately the town has also turned into a preferred destination among golf players, as the town boasts many world-class golf courses, like Pezula Golf Course, Simola Golf Course and the well established More knysna hotels Info Golf Course located on the lagoon. Knysna too is a most popular haunt of artists, restaurateurs and hippies. Brenton-on-sea is the nearest beach which is situated west of the heads and this beach continues with Buffels Bay. Buffels bay area is popular for surfing activity.

Additionally, there is an abundance of Knysna Accommodation you could choose on your family vacation or business trip. From Hotels, Guest Houses as well as Self Catering stays.

Places of interest

A visit to The famous Elephant Park- This is truly a one of a kind experience where you get to view the beautiful sunsets while being seated on an elephant's back. This is a sort of guided tour. Firstly, you are given a quick review of the herd and then you will meet up your tour guides and elephants at the secluded section of the sanctuary. Soon after mounting the elephants you'll be taken for a ride round the fields getting up close to the other elephants and enjoying the beautiful landscapes that Knysna presents.

Knysna Boat Charters from Knysna Harbour- Charter boat rides are available from the Knysna Harbour area and this is one among the best ways of exploring the beautiful Knysna lagoon. Boat operators provide special rides such as oyster excursions, sunset cruises and Knysna Heads experience. These rides are quite popular amongst the visitors.

Adventure sea safari with Knysna RIB Adventures- An Eco Adventure Company, Knysna RIB Adventures presents to you an adventure sea safari. This high speed adventure sea ride is an exciting and pleasurable experience which is not to be missed out. The ride starts at top speed as you move out of the Knysna Heads and then it slows down. It allows you to enjoy the wonderful panoramic views of the lagoon area and wonderful marine life. This ride stretches over 18-20 miles. The boat resumes the high speed ride as it re-enters in to the Knysna Harbour area

Mitchell's Brewery- This visit provides tourists the experience of tasting some of the finest beers of South Africa which are unpasteurized, live ales and manufactured with fine quality ingredients using the British mashing and German Lagering procedures. You can find a number of varieties to choose from and some of the popular ones are Forester's Draught, Bosuns Bitter, Raven Stout , Ninety Shilling Ale and the local Knysna favorite, Mitchell's Gold

Woo houses of Millwood- Small attractive house structures made out of wood and iron are quite popular in Knysna town. These structures are actually made in the gold mining village of Millwood. These houses are carried in segments to the Knysna town and rebuilt there. The walls for these houses are made out of yellowwood boards. These structures are National Monuments and even house a museum of local history and exhibits on George Rex as well as the gold fields. Behind Parkes Cottage will be the retail outlet formerly owned and operated by the firm Geo. Parkes & Sons, which houses a timber display.

The Knysna Fort "Thomsons Folly" is the most Southerly fortress of the Boer War and this fortress offers wonderful sights over the Knysna Town.
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